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How To Book a Vacation Rental in This Hawaii Real Estate Market — 2nd Quarter

Whether you're looking for a late-summer luxury vacation or a break in an autumnal oasis that still feels like summer, put Hawaii at the top of your travel to-do list. The islands are home to beautiful surroundings, relaxing pools and spas where you can feel restored, and endless beaches for meandering walks or adventurous recreation. No matter what style your ideal Hawaii vacation takes, ensure you have a comfortable place to hang your hat at the end of the day. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise and create a cup of coffee just how you like it, or wander back to a cozy bed or quiet swimming pool after a day packed with fun, but don't try to make do with a crowded hotel — instead, a true vacation is just around the corner in a Hawaii vacation rental.

Marisa Piazza is a local expert in the Hawaii real estate market, and her team can help you find the perfect vacation rental near your favorite activities. Enjoy a week-long stay, a month-long escape from the world, or an immersive vision of what it could be like to live in Hawaii full-time. Use this guide to get started.

Five benefits of booking a vacation rental for your next Hawaii vacation

Vacation rentals instantly elevate your planned trip from fun to relaxing. In the Hawaii real estate market, plenty of condos, single-family homes, and grand estates are available for vacationers planning anything from a small getaway to a luxury wedding. Some of the key benefits of opting for a rental instead of a traditional hotel include:

1. Privacy

Hotels are busy and crowded all year long. The only privacy you might be able to find is in your hotel room — and even that can be limited if you're traveling with a suite full of people. Renting a vacation home, on the other hand, gives you much more privacy. You have a kitchen, a full bedroom, and even a private patio or backyard.

2. Easy access to at-home amenities

Vacation rentals also promise more convenience and access to at-home features, including a laundry room where you can wash everything in your luggage, a kitchen where you can cook a quiet meal, or a living room where you can watch a movie without being confined to a bed. For extended vacations, you can even have quick work sessions, video meetings, and a secure space to respond to emails.

3. More peace and quiet

Hotels aren't just crowded but loud — especially during the peak vacation season. But by taking advantage of all the different vacation rentals in the Hawaii real estate market, you can find a destination that's at a volume of your liking. This might be a condo where there's a bit of chit-chat with neighbors around the pool or a separate house where there's no one around the pool but you.

4. Plenty of space to spread out and recharge

Even if you plan on spending most of your vacation outdoors, it's nice to have space at the end of the day. Vacation rentals guarantee everyone gets plenty of room, separate areas for napping or playing games, and a roomier kitchen than a hotel.

5. Make your vacation more memorable

Vacation rental homes are more memorable. Find a ranch-style home with a backyard golf course, a condo with majestic architecture, or a gorgeous house with a wraparound patio and infinity pool. Your pictures, peace of mind, and vacation party will all appreciate the change from conventional hotel rooms.

How to book the perfect vacation rental in Hawaii

If a vacation rental sounds like the perfect fit, Marisa Piazza is here to help you navigate the Hawaii real estate market and get your dream short-term rental. Follow these five steps:

1. Decide where you want to spend most of your time on the island

Hawaii is over 4,000 square miles, which is a lot of territory to explore. Where do you want to spend time? Whether you're looking forward to hiking around the volcanoes, surfing and scuba diving, or booking dream date nights at some of Hawaii's most famous restaurants, the key to a vacation you'll love is shorter drive times. Once you know where you want to spend time, you can narrow your search radius to convenient quarters.

2. How much space do you need?

Next, consider some detailed logistics. Is it a small family vacation or a couple's trip? Or are you organizing a destination wedding with a big wedding party? Count up how many rooms you need to fit everyone comfortably. A local realtor can quickly comb through available listings and create a short list of the best options.

You can also consider size factors, such as:

  • How much outdoor space you need: A big family reunion will be more fun with a big backyard, a pool, a patio, and a kitchen.

  • How much elbow room everyone needs: If you're traveling with close family, you might be comfortable living a little on top of each other, but for an extensive family outing, you might want more breathing room.

  • Your itinerary: Is everyone doing everything together? Will some people want to stay in and relax on certain days? Thinking about your activities and how you want to start or end the day will help you decide whether an efficient condo or a sprawling house is a better fit.

3. Choose the amenities that matter most for your dream Hawaii vacation

Once you know where you want to be and how much space you need, you can start browsing through specific options. One vacation rental may have a private pool, and another might be a five-minute walk to the nearest beach. One condo may have a laundry, and the other has a bigger covered patio that gives you a great view of the island. Compare your final options to pick your favorite.

4. Start shopping around for options early

The sooner you start, the more options you'll have! Vacation rentals can fill up quickly. If you're planning a big annual vacation, a wedding, or another complicated event, getting your lodgings figured out early can make everything much less stressful.

5. Work with a local realtor for a luxurious vacation rental — and a boutique booking experience to match

If you haven't considered working with a realtor like those with Luxury Properties Hawaii LLC to book your vacation, now's the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Realtors in popular vacation areas can have a lot of insight into vacation rentals. They also have an insider's view into traffic, tourist destinations worth seeing, tourist traps, and hidden gems on the island. You have a Hawaii expert on speed dial.

Start planning your upcoming vacation with local help and support from Luxury Properties Hawaii LLC

When you visit Hawaii, every facet of your trip should be beautiful — and that includes your lodgings. Reach out to Marisa Piazza and Luxury Properties Hawaii LLC today to discuss what kind of vacation rental would be a great fit for your next visit, and explore some of the available options to get inspiration for your wishlist.


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