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About the Island

The Big Island received its moniker for a reason: As the largest island in the North Pacific archipelago, it is bigger than all of the other Hawaiian islands combined. The 4,028-square-foot island positively abounds with a diverse range of microclimates, cultural sites, unique towns and cities, heavenly beaches, high-end venues, and stunning natural landscapes ranging from waterfalls to lava fields.

The Big Island is deemed one of the most glorious places to call home, just as it is a highly sought-after international tourist destination. The island offers its residents and visitors an abundance of out-of-this-world pleasures and treasures. Below is just a handful of its most marvelous.

Spectacular volcanoes

One of the Big Island’s most impressive claims to fame is the fact that it was created by five immense and magnificent volcanoes. This includes Mauna Kea, which measures 13,796 feet above sea level and goes down as the world’s tallest volcano. Mauna Kea is also the only spot in Hawaii that receives annual snowfall.

The Big Island is also home to the internationally renowned Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a spectacular park that consists of two active volcanoes, including Mount Kilauea. It shields exquisite flora and fauna that have existed for more than 70 million years. 

There are dozens of unforgettable ways to experience the fiery and dormant behemoths of Hawaii, but one of the most magnificent is star-gazing at the Mauna Kea Observatory. It provides visitors with an unbelievable perspective on the clear and mesmerizing night sky.

Glorious beaches

From intriguing and striking black sand coves to the stretch of golden sand at Mauna Kea Beach to one of the only green sand beaches on the planet (Papakolea), the third largest island in all of Polynesia offers locals and guests the prevailing idea of paradise. Kua Bay epitomizes this with its black lava rock formations and warm, aquamarine waters, but every beach you encounter on this island is sure to astonish. 

Lush beauty

Parts of the Big Island greet more than 300 inches of rain per year, which results in jungles and rainforests that are downright mind-blowing. Enchanting botanical gardens abound on the island, and all give visitors an exhilarating inside glimpse at Hawaii’s fragile, complex, and dynamic ecosystem. 

Botanical World Adventures is one place to see this. Located on the verdant and hypnotic Hamakua Coast, this wonderland of plants presents a 250-foot-long wall of wild orchids, the lovely Hanapueo Stream, and staggering views of the Pacific — all amidst impeccably-kept gardens flourishing with ferns and flowers. Featuring a zip line, a maze, and waterfalls, Botanical World Adventures transports its visitors to a whole new universe.

World-class accommodations and award-winning restaurants

The Big Island may have an inherently rustic, remote feel, but it simultaneously brims with five-star resorts and elegant eateries. From the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai to its on-site ‘ULU Ocean Grill, the Big Island overflows with opulence.

Thrilling outdoor adventures

An island as vast, naturally nuanced, and isolated as the Big Island lends itself well to a profusion of outdoor recreational activities. Visitors from around the globe head to the Big Island specifically to see the enormous manta rays that dash and dance through the water, which you can witness with Anelakai Adventures.

Intrepid spirits will be just as delighted with the Umauma Falls Experience, which combines ATV rides with zip lining and rappelling down waterfalls. Indeed, whether you’re interested in witnessing the aquatic wonders of Hawaii aboard one of Fair Wind Cruises’ acclaimed snorkeling tours or while scuba diving, or if you are here to see the great North Pacific Humpback whales who migrate from Alaska to Hawaii during the winter, or want to practice your swing on the breathtaking and immaculate Mauna Lani Golf Course, the Big Island has no shortage of adventure.

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